Lindsay LLP – Celebrating Our 10 Year Anniversary

By // In News // 2023.01.16 //

For Lindsay LLP, January 1, 2023 marked not just a new year but the completion of 10 years of providing litigation services to insurers, businesses, and individuals.

This anniversary is both a memorable milestone and a cause for celebration for Lindsay LLP’s partners, lawyers, staff, and clients. The firm has seen many changes over the past 10 years, including moving to brand new premises in a 100-year old heritage building, the retirement of several founding partners, and changes in the litigation and social landscape. Throughout all these events, Lindsay LLP has continued to be an industry leader and provide timely and practical advice and litigation services to clients, including coverage advice, dispute resolution, loss recovery, and trial and appeal proceedings.

The partners of Lindsay LLP wish to express their gratitude to the lawyers and staff who have made the previous 10 years possible, and who will continue to grow and excel with the firm into the future. Lindsay LLP’s success story also would be incomplete without acknowledging the firm’s clients and customers. Their challenges and feedback have pushed Lindsay LLP forward.

Lindsay LLP plans to continue growing and to continue to be the best counsel, employer, and business partner possible. The first 10 years have been incredible and the second 10 years start now.

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